About Scientific Audio

Scientific Audio is a 1-man company by Mischa van de Bilt, offering you everything within the lines of audio production for various types of media (ie. tv and radio commercials, leaders, bumpers, games, events, film, websites, etc).

  • Custom-made music
  • Sound Design
  • Remixes / Edits of existing material


Mischa van de Bilt was born on the 4th of march 1979 in the small Belgian town of Lokeren. Having lived in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, and finally The Netherlands, Mischa discovered the art of electronic music production at a very young age.

At age 11 he began experimenting with various tracking programs including Modedit, Fasttracker 1 & 2, Madtracker, and finally settled on Buzz which remains one of his main tools for creating music to this day. Over the years Mischa has explored a wide variety of genres, including electronic-based styles such as drum&bass, breakbeat, downtempo, techno, (goa) trance, hardcore/rave, (electro) house, dubstep, ambient, but also non-electronic-based styles such as rock, pop, reggae, ska and jazz.

Quick to capitalize on his longtime experience in the electronic dance scene, having already been a founding member of the widely respected tracking-groups/labels Blacktron Music Productions (BMP) and Advance (releasing music globally for free over the internet), Mischa established his own drum&bass imprint called Scientific Records in 1999 (http://www.scientific.nl/records).

Somewhere near the end of 2002 Mischa's electronic music career really began to take off as the majority of his demo tracks where quickly snapped up by various labels. Next to Scientific Records, Mischa is now closely affiliated with labels such as Covert Operations (uk), Fokuz (nl), Fokuz LTD (nl), Citrus (nl), Offshore Recordings (usa), Vibez Recordings (uk), Camino Blue Recordings (de), Kosmos (ru), Translation Records (usa), Warm Communications (usa), Counter Intelligence (nl), Red Mist (uk), Make-Shift (usa).

Next to producing and releasing electronic music by artist names such as "Mav", "Batsboy", "Mark Riley" and "Johnny Stardust and the Fruitloops", Mischa has founded Scientific Audio to enable him to create custom-made music, sound design and remixes for various media such as tv and radio commercials, leaders, bumpers, games, events, film, websites, etc. on a freelance basis.

Another freelance activity that Mischa is highly involved with is an ´audiovisual decoration´ collective called Climate Control (http://www.ccav.nl), arranging live music and video for business-related events, together with his friends at E202 musicvisualisers (http://www.e202.com) and Born Digital (http://www.borndigital.nu).

Mischa is also a seasoned veteran on the turntables, which he regularly displays in both clubs and festivals worldwide, as well as through his own monthly online drum&bass show Scientific Radio on the famous Bassdrive.com radio station, the biggest drum&bass radio station in the world (every 1st sunday of the month, 16:00-18:00 CET).

Besides the facts mentioned above, Mischa also runs 2 audiovisual live-acts called Scientific Live! (drum&bass) and Batsboy (breakbeat / electro house / dubstep), is a founding member of the audiovisual Farewell Industries and Born Digital collectives, and has been a member of several bands including Mensergerjeniet (reggae) and Circle Time Parade (rock).

Mischa also runs an apartment rental website in Budapest called HelloRoom.