Scientific Records

Scientific Records is the drum&bass oriented record label by Mav from Utrecht (The Netherlands), featuring artists such as Seba, Bungle, Naibu, Future Engineers, Chris.Su, Paul SG, Bop, Lm1, Nuage, Oscillist, Inertia, Intersoul, Mobility, Submorphics, Mindmapper, Fre4knc, Krone, Derrick & Tonika.


We also run a monthly radioshow on called "Scientific Radio".


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Mav album - Sounds of the Deep - AVAILABLE NOW!

12" vinyl sampler (including CD & poster) can be bought for only €10 at:


The full 14-track digital MP3 album can be bought here:


Check out the album on SoundCloud below: 


Mav - Sounds of the Deep LP - Scientific Records - OUT MAY 19, 2014 by Mav
Latest Videos

Mav - "Me Against The Machine (Chris.SU remix)" 



Scientific Labelnight with Mav, P.B.K., Future Engineers @ Budapest (Hungary) 


For more videos please click here or visit the Mav / Scientific YouTube channel.